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restaurant Awards 2019


Listings in Hungary

Avalon Ristorante

The Avalon Ristorante was built in Miskolctapolca, Hungary, in the heart of the Bükk Mountains, in a nature conservation area, as the main gastronomy experience of the Avalon Park family and entertainment centre.

Deák St. Kitchen

DSK is a wine and grill restaurant situated in the Ritz-Carlton, Budapest, focused on blending local, seasonal Hungarian ingredients and dishes with international influences.

Gundel Restaurant

The name GUNDEL could rightly stand for the history of modern Hungarian gastronomy and hospitality. Károly Gundel refined the Hungarian cuisine and created delicious dishes of his own taste. His pioneering work placed Hungary on the world map of gastronomy.

Prime Steakhouse Budapest

Prime Steakhouse is located just one block from the St. Stephen's Basilica in the very heart of Budapest.

Robinson Restaurant​

The Robinson is located on a small island in the most beautiful park of Budapest.

TAMA Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Budapest, Tama welcomes all who are open to the novelties of gastronomy, especially those that like domestic flavours and to indulge their senses in the highest quality of ingredients.

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