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Listings in Japan

An Dining Cafe & Bar

An Dining has been established since 2014 and is the restaurant where award-winning owner and chef, Shinichi Maeda, from Fukagawa Hokkaido, creates new styles of Japanese cuisine called "Shin-Nihon Shoku" by utilising both traditional and modern techniques, focusing on the pristine Hokkaido local


The worldview of HAJIME is the product of the aesthetics of Hajime YONEDA, and represents the beauty of order found within the balance and harmony of nature, the earth, and space.


The dining space extends horizontally along the ocean.

From the large panoramic windows, you can enjoy the breathtaking ocean view, where locals call "fertile sea fields."


For the past 80 years RANSEN has been dedicated to serving genuine Japanese cuisine created with seasonal ingredients from across Japan.

Guests can enjoy an excellent experience at the Japanese Cypress counter or in private rooms.


TERAKOYA, was established in 1954 in Koganei, a suburb of Tokyo.

The Steakhouse

The Steakhouse situated at ANA InterContinental Tokyo has re-opened in December 2016 as the “Neighbourhood Steakhouse”, with a new look and original new concept. A three-meter charcoal grill greets guests at the entrance to a cosy, friendly setting rich in oak colours.

Tudore Tranquility

The restaurant is in a residential area near Yoyogi Park, offering creative plant-based cuisine in a luxurious setting. The exquisitely arranged dishes are infused with an intricate mixture of flavors, created through the use of herbs and spices which complement each other.

Unkai Japanese Restaurant

Overlooking the manicured perfection of a traditional garden and pond designed to highlight each season’s beauty, Japanese Restaurant Unkai showcases the essence of Japanese cuisine and regional specialties using carefully selected fresh seasonal ingredients.

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