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restaurant Awards 2019

2 Pangea

2Pangea is the buffet restaurant of Naga2, the glittering new expansion development of multi-award winning, world-class integrated resort NagaWorld.

At 40 metres in length, it is Phnom Penh’s longest buffet line, stocked with premier food items including the freshest seafood, tantalising meat carvings, homemade pizza and pasta, a huge selection of Asian and Western mains, dim sum, sushi, noodles, salads and some delectable desserts and fruits.

Naga2 guests can savour a phenomenal feast for breakfast, lunch or dinner each day, including the option to upgrade with an additional lobster dish served to your choosing at dinner. There is seating to fit up to 346 diners with the elegant décor including flower motifs on the ceiling and white porcelain vases spread amongst the benches, with water fountains cascading over stacks of white stone throughout your meal.
2Pangea’s vast array of food offerings is constantly updated to embrace various major celebrations and holidays of the calendar including the Western, Chinese and Khmer New Years, Valentine’s Day and more.

Country: Cambodia
Contact Number: +855 23228822
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