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restaurant Awards 2019

Avalon Ristorante

The Avalon Ristorante was built in Miskolctapolca, Hungary, in the heart of the Bükk Mountains, in a nature conservation area, as the main gastronomy experience of the Avalon Park family and entertainment centre.

The typical landscape and flora of the Bükk Mountains create an atmosphere in which guests can leave the grind of their daily lives behind. Each unit of the park, including the Ristorante, is built with the HONKA log house technology in perfect sync with nature. When designing the establishment, the aim was to create a traditional Italian family restaurant, using materials and accessories that meet the highest standards not only in Hungary but also on an international scale.

The Italian sights (e.g. Venice, Piazza Popolo, Vespa) painted on the concrete-effect walls of the guest area, as well as the Italian texts and motifs, create a genuine Italian atmosphere. A real wood-fired pizza oven can also be found in the restaurant as the main attraction of the show kitchen.

Naturally, the menu is in line with the style of the restaurant: the adherents of fine dining can enjoy pizza, original Italian risotto, tiramisu, home-style pasta, special hams and fresh fish dishes.

The staff of the restaurant, including chefs, cooks, confectioners, waiters and waitresses having extensive experience, will ensure that guests can enjoy excellent flavours and professional service in a cosy atmosphere.

Guests can take part in various gastronomy programs and wine dinners featuring the products of the most famous Hungarian wine-cellars all year round, while the restaurant’s own DJ and well-known
Hungarian singers guarantee that everybody will have a great time on Saturday evenings.

Country: Hungary
Contact Number: +3646200245