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restaurant Awards 2019

CRU Steakhouse

CRU Steakhouse endeavours to capture the flavour of quality grilled beef and more. Steaks are hand-cut, hand-seasoned and carefully prepared. Salads are freshly made and desserts are simply divine. This multi-awarded restaurant exudes a sophisticated dining experience with its modern décor and elegant open-themed kitchen as the pièce de résistance.

Truly one of the most enjoyable experiences every meat lover will agree on is sinking their teeth into a delectably juicy steak. CRU Steakhouse makes this experience even better. Introducing dry ageing — a unique method that involves hanging the meat in a refrigerated cooler. The meat is kept at a specific temperature and humidity from 10 to 28 days and comes out with a new array of flavour and depth. Cut deeper into CRU Steakhouse’s specialty, the US Prime Rib Eye, and get to know a world of flavour and hefty satisfaction.

Country: Philippines
Contact Number: +63 29889999