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restaurant Awards 2019

Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry Bar offers an exclusive space that transitions for different purposes throughout the day. Every detail in the bar was created with a chemistry lab in mind: serving counters are decorated with beakers and scientific instruments; the ceiling is designed with a periodic table and matched with a striking atom-shaped light.

Decked out with a kitchen island counter doubling as a communal bar table, exquisite elixirs are crafted directly in front of guests by expert chemists. Residential style indoor and outdoor seating with sofas and bed chairs create a homelike feeling to relax and unwind.

Located by the beach front, guests can relax on one of the swinging daybeds or lounge seats while sipping on artisanal concoctions by resident “chemists” or opt to enjoy a combination of champagnes, boutique wines and premium spirits offered on the menu while laying back and admiring the breathtaking views of the Emerald Bay.

Country: Vietnam
Contact Number: +84 2973779999