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restaurant Awards 2019

Forage at Wildekrans

Forage: (of a person or animal) search widely for food or provisions. "The birds forage for aquatic invertebrates, insects, and seeds"

Perhaps the best thing about Forage at Wildekrans Restaurant just outside Hermanus and Cape Town is that the weather and seasons determine what makes its way on to the plate. The intrepid chefs trawl the pastures literally foraging for home-grown ingredients, which regularly becomes the “Indigenous Dining” experience at the critically acclaimed restaurant.

Other produce and ingredients are all soured from local artisans and farmers. Under the expert guidance of internationally recognised Executive Chef, Greg Henderson, a contemporary dish emerges, all the while using age-old cooking techniques. Henderson’s philosophy at the restaurant is simple: they are intent on promoting a sustainable, and unique dining experience – and their clientele love it.

The menu is seasonal and ever-evolving. The chefs only harvest what nature allows them to, and in order to ensure a longer harvest of wild edibles all year round, they only take what they need.

Forage Restaurant is distinctive in that they don’t mess with food. Long standing, tried and tested cooking techniques are brought into the 21st Century with modern flavour profiles and ingredients. The result is a veritable showcase of regional, indigenous cuisine that highlights the South African culinary heritage and creates an exceptional dining experience that reflects the multi-layered flavours and culture of the Cape.

The inspiration behind the Forage concept is drawn from the 1800s, when the Khoisan (Indigenous people of the Northern Cape and a mixture of the original San hunter-gatherers and the later-arriving KhoiKhoi) foraged the land for their daily food. And the Forage team often go back in time, recreating traditional food from the area, giving it a cosmopolitan spin.

With over 1000 hectares on a diverse and unique landscape, the Wildekrans Wine Estate is the Forage chef’s playground. It allows them access to special wild weeds and home-grown edibles that are highlighted on their menus.

The menu itself offers a variety of flavours both unusual and delicious and one can expect to sample fresh ingredients like Wild Garlic, Buchu, Geranium, Wild Turnips, Kapokbos and Wood Sorrel, which are all native to the Wildekrans Wine Estate.

Forage also hosts regular Foraging Tours and guests are invited to join the kitchen team on a foraging excursion and enjoy a sample of their findings in a light tasting menu afterwards.

Country: South Africa
Contact Number: +27 0282849488
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