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restaurant Awards 2019

Gazetta Brasserie & Bar

Gazetta Brasserie & Bar is a privileged venue within Alp PAŞA Hotel that has been serving its guests for more than 20 years from its 400 year old mansions at the heart of the Kaleiçi (Old Town).

Gazetta Brasserie opens its doors to an extensive menu, with the best examples of Italian cuisine, rich wine cellar and a surprising backyard at the heart of the city. Being the product of a young, trained and dynamic team from its experienced Italian chef to management staff that cater for your palate with a cheerful face.

Having been created with a charming atmosphere at the best spot of Antalya with delicate touches of world famous architects, Gazetta Brasserie & Bar hosts those that would like to visit either at the end of a long working day or for joyful moments with their loved ones.

Their ambitious aim is to become the first choice for those looking for fine dining and high quality wines. The wine cellar of Gazetta is unique in that it offers a very wide range of wines. With its backyard secluded from the chaos of the city, you can enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment whilst still in the heart of the city.

Country: Turkey
Contact Number: +90 2422475676
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