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restaurant Awards 2019

Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam

Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam is located in beautiful settings just next to The New Theater, ‘Det Ny Teater’ in the Theater Arcade, ‘Teaterarkaden’ at Vesterbro, Copenhagen. The restaurant is run by Quynh Tran and her mother Loan Nguyen - the head chef, who for more than 30 years has worked as a chef at restaurants throughout Vietnam.

Their mission is to bring parts of tradition and modernity from the Vietnamese cuisine to restaurant visitors who appreciate quality Asian cuisine, where everything is made from scratch. Here you will certainly be able to enjoy the most superior dishes within the Vietnamese cuisine, which by many is considered to be the best and most sophisticated of the Asian cuisines.

The restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese food from the Hanoi region. The Vietnamese owners and experienced chefs ensure that their guests are always welcomed with authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Open every day, Bonjour Vietnam is a solid option if you are looking for good, traditional Vietnamese cuisine, also if you are a vegetarian or a vegan.

Country: Denmark
Contact Number: +45 53536797
Awards this Restaurant has won: