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restaurant Awards 2019

SnowRestaurant in Kemi

The world's largest SnowRestaurant is inside the gigantic SnowCastle of Kemi, seating over 200 guests. In this spectacular restaurant the freshly prepared meals can be enjoyed by the ice tables.

Lunch is available daily for all guests and special 3-course dinner is served for honoured guests every evening. The Ice Bar offers, among other beverages, homemade juice made from locally picked berries. Drinks can be enjoyed hot or cool straight from the ice cups.

Pure white snow walls surround the SnowCastle in Sea Lapland. The true Winter Wonderland – an artwork of ice and snow – can be found right by the sea near the city centre from the end of January until beginning of April. SnowChapel with a mystical atmosphere is a memorable venue for wedding ceremonies.

The SnowHotel - World Luxury Hotel Awards Winner 2016 - has unique beautifully decorated snow rooms offering a true arctic adventure. All made entirely of snow and ice!

Country: Finland
Contact Number: +358 16258878
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