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Listings in Spain

Audrey's Restaurant

Audrey Hepburn has represented glamour throughout the world over the past generations: the very incarnation of class for which time does not pass. The spectacular AR Diamante Beach SPA Hotel & Convention Centre in Calpe, Spain, has adapted this concept to haute cuisine.

Beat Restaurant

Beat is the Cookbook Gastro Boutique Hotel & Spa’s gastronomic restaurant, one of the main talking points of this gourmet-boutique hotel located close to the Salinas (salt flats), one of Calpe´s Nature Parks.

Bodega Katxiña Restaurant

Bodega Katxiña offers you a unique food experience in the Basque Country, a region renowned for its outstanding cuisine, in the surroundings of a small fishing village called Orio hailed as the home of the red bream.

M.B Restaurant

M.B is the signature restaurant of the renowned Basque chef Martín Berasategui.

Montauk Steakhouse Tenerife

Only for meat lovers. Surprise your palate with a carefully selected range of top quality beef, exquisite side dishes and the finest wine or champagne from our well stocked cellar. Awake your higher instinct.

Nagai Restaurant Ibiza

Nagai boasts contemporary Japanese Cuisine with the chef's fusion creations served in an old farmhouse with terrace and garden, featuring artworks, murals and soft music.

Salt & Sea Restaurant, ME Ibiza Hotel

Salt & Sea is much more than just one of the restaurants at ME Ibiza, it is also the hotel’s private beach club.

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