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restaurant Awards 2019

About the Restaurant awards

World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ inspires excellence and ignites healthy competition in the Luxury Restaurant Industry.

World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ enables restaurants to compete in their chosen category, from a list of 84 categories.

The awards will further promote the nominated restaurants based on culinary excellence and memorable experiences from outstanding atmosphere and service. World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ will highlight those categories for which the restaurant should be renowned, further attracting more attention, not only from food experts, journalists and gourmands, but to a host of visitors from around the globe.

Our Vision

The World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ aims to highlight special features of restaurants, thereby increasing competition globally and ultimately raising the level of food quality and the standards of service in the luxury restaurant industry.

Our Objectives

  • To encourage and maintain service excellence within the luxury restaurant industry through healthy competition on a global as well as continental and country level.
  • To expose luxury restaurants to a global audience via extensive marketing through social media campaigns and newsletters.
  • To introduce luxury restaurants to new visitors, both local and international.
  • To provide luxury restaurants with an alternative avenue for increased recognition, due to votes being primarily from guests and regular patrons. 
  • To recognise and acknowledge service excellence and outstanding dining experiences, from menu choices to food presentation and ambience.
  • To encourage high standards of service by inspiring staff to achieve excellent feedback from votes.
  • To give the public access to voting and having a voice that counts.
  • To provide media coverage for participating luxury restaurants at the annual Gala Ceremony.


  • The restaurant receives an official online marketing profile on our website, featuring information, contact details and images as a proud participant of the World Luxury Restaurant Awards™. 
  • Being promoted on the World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ website and being featured as a participant in the annual World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ Restaurant Guide makes it easier for travellers to locate top dining venues wherever they travel throughout the world; assured that each of our listed venues stands up to outstanding food quality and service.
  • Restaurants can be nominated to receive recognition for outstanding food quality and service excellence by guests, tour operators and independent travel consultants, they can also self-nominate if operating in a luxury niche market. 
  • Restaurants are promoted on the global front by means of e-brochures, related media partnerships, newsletters, social media and by means of international exhibitions.
  • The World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ judging process is not dependent on a board of directors, but by the industry itself and its guests/patrons, in order for the voting system to be fair.
  • The official World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ marketing logos are supplied on an annual basis for nominees and winners to utilize on all marketing material as relevant.
  • Nominations can be promoted by participating restaurants to create maximum awareness and to attract votes.
  • Participants will receive a digital Award certificate when the official results are announced (this can be printed and/or used immediately via social media to promote the award received).
  • Participating luxury restaurants have the opportunity to be announced as country/regional/continent/global winners at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ annual Gala Ceremony.


Luxury Restaurants are selected for nomination based on the following criteria:-

  • interior design to a high standard - the seating area and table decoration should reflect a smart/stylish atmosphere
  • excellent quality food - chefs must serve food with excellent presentation, showing attention to detail
  • excellent service reviews - the restaurant should have positive reviews and be well recommended for excellent service


Voting is based on the food experience as a whole, combined with aspects of service excellence, presentation, quality and menu choices. Votes are from mainly from guests, but also from industry professionals that approve and support your establishment. The process is totally unbiased as it is not undertaken by judges who may be influenced or have certain favourites. Size of the establishment is not taken into consideration during the nomination or voting phases.
Prior to commencement of voting, restaurants will receive voting information and assistance to promote participation of voting by guests.

More info on Restaurant Awards Procedures...