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restaurant Awards 2020


Listings in China

29 Grill

29 Grill offers something for every taste and occasion. The stylish restaurant specializes in prime seafood, imported beef and quality cheeses, accompanied by a comprehensive wine list.


The delicacy and refinement of Japanese techniques and the exotic flavors of Peruvian ingredients make for a sublime culinary match at Aji, the first Macau restaurant to showcase unique Nikkei cuisine.

Da Ivo on the Bund

Da Ivo on the Bund serves superb Italian cuisine in an elegant atmosphere.

It has become a renowned favourite culinary hot spot for not only the locals in Shanghai, but also celebrities and worldwide food lovers.


Prime cuts, fresh seafood and other classics are served at Ebony. Diners can visit Guangzhou’s chicest grill for weekday semi-buffet lunch, weekend brunch,
Friday night barbeque buffet dinners and Churrasco nights on Saturdays.

Nan Restaurant

Nan Restaurant is on the second floor of the Melia Jinan Hotel, serving refined Cantonese and Shandong cuisine, with some of the most popular dishes including their Yipin Prawn Ball.

The restaurant has 8 private dining rooms and a ballroom dining area which seats 56 people.

Xingli Chinese Restaurant

Located on the 4th level of the The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen, close to the shopping arcade of the hotel, Xingli Chinese Restaurant is designed with the ultimate Chinese dining experience in mind.

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