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restaurant Awards 2020

Bistrot de Venise

Enjoying the true flavours of Venetian historical and modern cuisine in an intense atmosphere is one of the temptations with which “Bistrot de Venise” mesmerizes all gourmets and wine lovers.

The menu highlights unique recipes of the Venetian and Italian Renaissance tradition. The chef is inspired by ancient gastronomical grimoires of the XIV – XVIII Centuries.

Scallops with spiced pumpkin cream, “Raffioli’’ and Sweet & Sour Scampi are magically served with a delicate touch, accompanied by rare local wines like Marzemin, Turchetta, Raboso, and Italian famous classics such as “Barolo”, “Brunello di Montalcino” and “Amarone”.

Extra Virgin Italian olive oils are also available for tastings. The best of Italian olive oil production is represented in an itinerary that goes from Sicily to Puglia, Abruzzo, Veneto and Friuli Venezia-Giulia, where producers all have a unique interpretation of the territory and the specific cultivar of each region. All the DOP-BIO* Extra-Virgin olive oils have obtained prestigious Italian and international recognition.

Venetian Art and Culture is beautifully related to the tradition of the Bistrot, which lies just in-between Saint Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge. An essential way to define and discover the real life of the lagoon and its people.

Country: Italy
Contact Number: +39 0415236651
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