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restaurant Awards 2020

Deák St. Kitchen

DSK is a wine and grill restaurant situated in the Ritz-Carlton, Budapest, focused on blending local, seasonal Hungarian ingredients and dishes with international influences. Products are sourced from different regions of Hungary depending on season, and used in both traditional and the new wave of Hungarian style cooking.

There is a big focus on local wines, both from established Hungarian wine makers as well as smaller, innovative houses. 95% of the wines are from Hungary, which gives visitors a great opportunity to try a treasure of wines as well as offering locals a wide and approachable choice.

Besides offering guests an innovative restaurant product, DSK also focuses on craft cocktails where local spirits and ingredients are infused and mixed by the bar team to offer guests another option for a night out at the bar.

With live entertainment from well established artists during the weekend, DSK is a place not just to celebrate special occasions, but pass the time during any moment in the day of the week over a drink, light snack or a great meal.

Country: Hungary
Contact Number: +36 14295500
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