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restaurant Awards 2019

Grande Escolha

Surrounded by amazing views over the charming vineyards and a protected landscape at the Dolce CampoReal Lisboa, Grande Escolha offers a fine dining concept with a refined atmosphere and a live kitchen.

Chef Rui Fernandes creates Portuguese and International cuisine with an alluring menu featuring seasonal dishes that use the best local ingredients.
From the Contemporary Beef Wellington to the duck aiguillettes in sauté with Óbidos bitter cherry liqueur, many are the delicacies inspired by the traditional flavours of the Oeste Region.

To complete this gastronomic experience, nothing better than a wine from the wine list, which includes the best references from Lisbon wine region.
Grande Escolha also has an idyllic wine cellar that can be visited by guests and enhances the strong connection between the restaurant and Lisbon wine region.

Country: Portugal
Contact Number: +351 261960900