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restaurant Awards 2020

Park Society Restaurant

As part of the ongoing evolution of Bangkok’s culinary scene, SO Sofitel Bangkok stays on top of the hospitality game with Park Society recalibrating its menu of “Modern Fine Dining with Asian Influence” to encapsulate the experiences and gastronomic ethos of its head chef Joost Bijster.

An “infusion of global cultures” is one of the main directives of Park Society's menu. Borrowing the best from all the countries he has visited – including those in North and South America, Caribbean, North Africa, Europe and Asia – Park Society’s Chef Joost creates dishes that are layered in texture and flavor with a certain depth and complexity.

Park Society has upped the ante by creating a chic and eclectic space where guests are encouraged to take their time, share some laughs, soak up the ambience and have an unforgettable evening wining and dining in style.

Country: Thailand
Contact Number: +66 26240000