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restaurant Awards 2020

Roots Rotterdam

Regional and seasonal cuisine!
At Roots, dining is an experience that should appeal to all the senses. Not only the palate, but also sight, hearing and of course sense of smell. Roots take pride in the high-quality ingredients that The Netherlands has to offer and source almost all the produce from local and regional producers. These ingredients are at their best when enjoyed in the season, and therefore the restaurant is committed to a high quality seasonal menu.

And since the menu changes every quarter, the ambiance also gets adjusted to the season. Each season is symbolized by a different colour accent, and different tunes are played to set the scene. This way, you can truly experience the season with all your senses.
Roots Rotterdam is set in the vibrant city center of Rotterdam, featuring an open kitchen, Chef’s Table, restaurant, private dining and bar. Roots is conveniently located opposite the Luxor theatre at the Kruiskade and alongside the Coolsingel.

Roots is located in Hilton Rotterdam and accepts the last order at 10 pm.

Country: Netherlands
Contact Number: +31 107108000