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restaurant Awards 2020


Listings in Mexico


Benazuza Restaurant aims to innovate through its unique and authentic recipes. The chef, a disciple of Ferran Adria, has developed an original menu that affords you the experience of “techno-emocional” cuisine in an environment where food becomes the protagonist of the evening.


"Careyes is ... colors, textures, aromas and flavors that come from the depths of the culinary soul, with the fusion of French techniques of high vanguard and the heart of Mexican cuisine."


Hunan has served more than two million customers to date, with classic and novel Haute Cuisine recipes.

Since 1993 Hunan inspires guests in an atmosphere of contemporary architecture, framed by a collection of modern art with a philosophy of excellent customer service.

Les Cépages Restaurant

The philosophy of Les Cépages Restaurant is to offer a vast culinary experience through dishes prepared with care and imagination as it is primarily done with fresh ingredients of the highest quality, giving the best results; an extensive and subtle range of flavours and textures.

Los Toneles

Los Toneles is a restaurant that highlights three aspects of excellence: its service, its cuts of meat and its wines.

The restaurant offers an un-paralleled service experience which coexists with haute cuisine that is full of flavour.

Passion by Martin Berasategui

Passion by Martin Berasategui has become a destination restaurant for those who visit Playa del Carmen to get a taste of the chef’s culinary genius, Martin Berasategui with 8 Michelin Stars.

Restaurante El Cardenal

Founded back in 1969, El Cardenal has served popular Mexican cuisine for almost 50 years, trying to dignify it in a sober and refined ambience by preserving the traditional processes and techniques of tortilla, bread, chocolate and dairy.

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