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Listings in Poland

Art Restauracja

Where history meets with modernity and cooking becomes art.

Kanoniczna Street, one of the oldest and prettiest streets in Cracow, right by the Wawel Castle, just a short walk from the Main Square. This is the perfect place to make a short or a long stop, at Art Restauracja.

Pimiento Argentino Grill

Beef and hospitality are the two things that Pimiento Argentino Grill specialises in. Pimiento are especially proud of their exclusive Kobe beef and Argentinian steaks. These are both fine examples of tradition, attachment to nature and care for the animals from their region of origin.

Pod Nosem

Pod Nosem is an elegant and beautifully designed restaurant located on the ground floor of the historical tenement house at Kanonicza 22.

Quale Restaurant

Quale Restaurant is a place for people who value quality and taste. We have combined the decor of our rooms, inspired by the 1920’s, with modern cuisine, a cocktail-bar and whisky bar. All this is connected by carefully selected background music.

Senses Restaurant

The Senses project is based on the concept of culinary creations that engage all senses. The dishes combine aromas, flavours, sounds, various textures and memories to create an exceptional experience.

Wierzynek Restaurant

Wierzynek Restaurant is a very unique venue on the map of Poland, where 650-year-old traditions of feasting and a modern approach to the culinary arts meet!

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