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Listings in Portugal


Where food is as it should be. Approach to food where the market flavours shine and colours are always present. The place to share authentic moments. Adding the unique flavour of the finest embers, the new Josper charcoal gives unique texture and juiciness to all the products.

Aladin Grill Restaurant

Walking into Aladin Grill for the first time is always accompanied by a surprised look from its visitors. The Arab influence, still visible today throughout the Algarve, is predominant in the interior design in shades of blue and gold of this restaurant located at VILA VITA Parc’s Clubhouse.

Atlântico Bar & Restaurant

Atlântico Bar & Restaurant is situated in the InterContinental Estoril, and is well worth the visit for the magnificent ocean view and gastronomic experience.


The Consensual Restaurant is located in the historic district in the centre of Lisbon.

Owner and Chef, Paula Araújo, has transformed the space into a very private ambience - A Closed Door Concept!

Estoril Mandarim

A world-class Cantonese at Casino Estoril. The title isn't self-proclaimed, actually it is supported by international food critics: Estoril Mandarim is one of the best Cantonese restaurants in the world.

Grande Escolha

Surrounded by amazing views over the charming vineyards and a protected landscape at the Dolce CampoReal Lisboa, Grande Escolha offers a fine dining concept with a refined atmosphere and a live kitchen.

LAB by Sergi Arola

Awarded by the prestigious Michelin Guide with its first star, LAB by Sergi Arola is a combination of gourmet cuisine with an innovative culinary experience in a setting that is sophisticated and modern.

Meia Nau Restaurante

A Signature Restaurant, with an Azorean tradition and fusion cuisine.

The Meia Nau Restaurant, has a privileged view of the sea, where one can see the fishermen fishing, and also a great view off the green pastures were one can watch the Azorean cows.

Restaurante Armazém do Sal

Restaurante Armazém do Sal is located on Rua da Alfândega in the city of Funchal, Madeira, in a 200-year-old building that once served as a salt warehouse.

Restaurante do Forte

Linking the soul of Restaurant do Forte to the essence of the 17th Century São Tiago Fortress is a rare encounter between history, architecture and gastronomy.

Saudade Restaurant & Bar

Saudade Restaurante & Bar serves up a highly regarded menu of local and international dishes, including fresh fish and succulent steaks. From fine dining to delicious snacks, Dunas Douradas Beach Club can cater for every taste.

Sítio Valverde

The Sítio Valverde restaurant’s menu is characterized by its signature cuisine, executed and interpreted by Chef Carla Sousa, the main influence being Portuguese cuisine.


A gastronomic paradise located on a Clifftop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

VILA JOYA is a two Michelin Star fine dining restaurant that serves lunch and dinner.

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