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restaurant Awards 2020

South America

Listings in Bolivia

Ali Pacha

Ali Pacha’s name means the Universe of Plants in the native Aymara language. Plant based cuisine at its highest level.

Jardin de Asia

"We were born with the vision of combining creative gastronomy, service excellence and a unique and daring atmosphere with the intention of transporting our clients to what we call the “Jardin de Asia Experience and Mystique”.

Listings in Brazil


Chef Rafa Costa e Silva opened Lasai restaurant in 2014 in a historic house in Rio where the terrace has a view to the famous landmark of Christ the Redeemer. Rafa trained in Europe and America before returning to Brazil to open his critically acclaimed restaurant in Rio.

Restaurant Primrose

Restaurant “ Primrose “ at Saint Andrews Hotel is French-Italian, creating Haute Cuisine using modern techniques whilst preserving the value of organic ingredients used.

Listings in Colombia

1621 Restaurant

In the heart of Cartagena´s historic center, this ancient former Clarist nuns' dining room, located at the Hotel Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, is home to the award-winning restaurant, 1621.

Basilic Bar Gourmet - Restaurante

Enjoy a delicious gastronomic experience at Basilic Bar Gourmet – Restaurante.


The signature restaurant of Conrad Cartagena is inspired by the Chef's culinary experiences in Asia, Europe and Latin America, which features diverse local flavours and culinary techniques.

Erre de Ramón Freixa

In Las Américas Torre del Mar, there is a place where you can taste the flavour of happiness. It is Erre de Ramón Freixa, territory where the flavours come from the Mediterranean, in a journey that meets Cartagena de Indias.

Las Guacas

Located on the first floor of the Club House, Las Guacas Restaurant offers international gastronomy with special local dishes during the night.

Chef Miguel Dapelo uses traditional and modern techniques to present the food of the region and Barú.

Listings in Ecuador

URKO cocina local

URKO cucina local uses ingredients from their country, gathering them from different farming communities around all the regions of Ecuador.

Listings in Peru

Lima 27

Lima 27 restaurant is a marriage between tradition and modernity for the most demanding palates.

The name of the restaurant comes from the postal code of the San Isidro District, where the restaurant is located.

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