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restaurant Awards 2020


Listings in Switzerland

frutt Stübli

Frutt Stübli, the gourmet restaurant at the frutt Lodge & Spa Hotel, has been awarded 15 Gault-Millau points for its excellence in quality.

La Brasserie du Royal

La Brasserie du Royal is situated in the Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa, and offers an exclusive dining experience for up to 120 guests. The restaurant space has four separate rooms extended by a terrace overlooking the gardens.

La Malvoisie

The young Chef, Kevin Kirchmaier, signs cuisine with a mark of passion and re-invents the Valais terroir. Head Chef at Les Sources des Alpes Hotel, and along with General Manager Antoine Default, “La Brasserie” was opened in addition to the gourmet restaurant “La Malvoisie”.

Le Jardin des Alpes

In a cosy setting combining elegance and refinement, Chef Grégory Halgand would like to share a culinary experience highlighting Swiss and French terroir and enhancing passionate producers and local culinary heritage.

Montreux Jazz Café

The generous cuisine, combined with a selection of the region’s best wines and irresistibly-named aperitifs, make it the perfect venue to share an informal moment enveloped by that special festival feel.

MP's Bar & Grill

Featuring refined yet relaxed dining spaces, an outdoor terrace and a cocktail bar, MP’s BAR & GRILL is the premier grill location in Europe.

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